Coasts Interview: "Our Band Has Got A Lot Of Guilty Pleasures"

4 September 2015, 14:35 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

We chatted to one of the UK's most exciting rock acts about Made In Chelsea, emoji's, and their debut album.

They're the band you've almost certainly seen floating around on tumblr and majorly heating up the indie charts and blogs. We caught up with our favourite rising stars, COASTS, to talk about their new record, being an up and coming band, Made In Chelsea, and everything in between.

They're gearing up to release their self-titled debut album this month but COASTS are enjoying every moment along the way. 

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PopBuzz: You guys have been working on this debut album for a number of years, how exciting is it to finally get this out?
Chris: It’s kind of a relief. It feels good to have it finally done and dusted. It has been a while in the making 
Liam: It’s been an epic journey. We’re so used to having a record that’s a work in progress. 
James: We haven’t even seen the physical copies yet. 

PB: Do you think it will be emoshe [when you see them]?
Chris: It will be totes emoshe.


PB: You guys are a big social and digital band. How important is the process of online discovery?
Liam: We’re all massive music fans and that’s how we discover music. Music is so much more accessible online. We’re always sharing things that we’ve discovered online and putting on playlists of music we’re listening to on tour. So it just feels like the most natural way to discover music.
Chris: When we first started releasing music it got shared loads on tumblr and soundclound and that’s just how we’ve grown. That’s how we got our record deal essentially, off the back of fans. It was very organic.
James: Before we were even signed a friend of mine was travelling Australia and one day, as he was leaving to work, he just heard “Oceans” coming out of a flat. I didn't even think it had gotten that far. It's silly to think like that, because of the way the internet works. It's so easy to become worldwide, like instantly.

PB: That’s really nice actually. So what advice would you given to a band like yourselves when you were starting out?
Chris: Just don’t stop. There’s plenty of opportunities to give up and do something else. The only reason why we’re here is that we didn’t give up.
Liam: Patience. There are bands out there that get signed after six weeks or three months. And then their song is on the radio a month later. That does occasionally happen. But it’s naïve to think that it’s because it’s a good song. It’s just the look of the world, so to speak. You’ve got to be patient.
Ben: You’ve got to be quite resilient as well. The music industry is a fairly choppy sea.
David: You’ve got to also enjoy it. We’ve had some incredible experiences being in this band. You’ve just got to enjoy it.

PB: If you could release music outside your own genre, what kind of music would you put out?
I think it would probably be trap. 
[all laugh]
Liam: Never say never.

PB: Are you guys low key trap stars?
Yeah, yeah. We’ve all got such a broad, eclectic taste in music but it seems like hip hop, trap, and maybe the more urban side of things is something we all bond over.
Chris: It’s what we listen to before we go on stage.
Ben: It’s good hype music.

Coasts band
(image credit: Instagram @coastsband)

PB: So you guys did the Made In Chelsea Thing. When you were choosing to do that, what was the conversation like?
James: We used to watch it quite religiously. We got offered it, we did it and we actually got to experience filming for a day. I haven’t seen it since.
Liam: We’re not too precious in terms of ‘is that a good look’. Our band has got a lot of guilty pleasures.
Chris: The main reason we did it was the exposure element of it. A lot of our fans watch Made In Chelsea so why wouldn’t we go on it?
Liam: I think they’ve actually done quite a lot for indie music.

PB: If your album was an emoji which one would it be?

Chris: Tongue out. Eyes in each corner.
Liam: The monkey is pretty good.
Chris: What? The one covering the ears?
[all laugh]
James: Probably the little flame.
Ben: The little breaded shrimp, I reckon it would be.
Chris: All of those things in a row.


PB: Fair enough. The music you make isn’t necessarily indigenous to the music that’s coming out of the UK, where would you say your influences lay, specifically?
Ben: I think when we first started forging the sound, it was very sort of carnival flavoured. Very festival, sun drenched, which I wouldn’t say, is associated with the English shores.
Chris: I think indie music in the UK over the last 30 years has rode this wave where it’s been quite heavy and then it’ been quite dancey. From like, New Order through to Royal Blood or whatever. Things sort of tend to ebb and flow in a heavy context and a dancey context. And we’re sort of really trying to marry the two.

PB: And finally, what’s been your songs of the summer?
I have really liked that Jack U Justin Bieber song. The Weeknd tune is massive.
Chris: The Foals album is going to be great.
Ben: I’ve been listening to a lot of smaller bits. That’s what’s great about Spotify. You can just go on the discover function and find bands with 5,000 followers or something. TVA as well. Loads of just…letters.
Chris: I think “Can’t Feel My Face” is probably the song of the summer.



 Coasts' debut album, Coasts, is out September 25th. You can preorder it now and follow them on Twitter and Instagram

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