This Daft Punk LEGO Set Needs To Be A Thing

12 December 2014, 16:18 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

LEGO Daft Punk
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Not many bands translate well into custom LEGO sets - but then again, not many bands are a pair of robots with a cult following.

LEGO Ideas is a site where fans of the product can submit their own original creations, and through community interest and voting, can potentially have their concept transformed into a real product sold by the LEGO company.

Site member Autorazr is pitching a project for a new LEGO set inspired by electronic robo-duo Daft Punk. He has a couple of amazing-looking prototypes already made. And we must have them.

LEGO Daft Punk

Complete with little records, decks and guitars, the minifigures of Thomas and Guy-Man are instantly recognisable in their custom-made helmets and leather jackets. And Autorazr has a lot of big plans for incorporating the band into the LEGO universe. 

"Daft Punk have appeared in "Tron" and in their own movie "Electroma," their distinct visual style is clearly appealing to fans of Sci-Fi, which to me speaks to their "playability." Much of Lego's success has come from Space and other Sci-Fi/Fantasy lines. Daft Punk should fit right in with such lines. Space Police running security at a Daft Punk show on some alien planet? Daft Punk rescued by the Galaxy Patrol? Daft Punk abducted from earth during their ALIVE tour? Endless possibilities? The style and tone of Daft Punk aligns perfectly with Lego and would create an experience that people of all ages can enjoy."

Autorazr, Daft Punk on LEGO Ideas 

After the campaign reached 1,000 supporters, LEGO responded with a pun-irific comment.

"This project is speeding and it isn't stopping. This project didn't just get lucky, the detail and thought behind the project speaks for itself.  Just make sure you celebrate 1,000+ supporters by losing yourself to the dance!

Good luck as you continue to work it, make it, do it, until you reach 10,000 Supporters!"

LEGO, Daft Punk on LEGO Ideas 

More like Daft PUN-k.

LEGO Ideas is famous for bringing sets inspired by Back To The Future, Minecraft and even the Mars Curiosity Rover to the shelves of LEGO stores. 

You can support the project with an account on the LEGO Ideas campaign site. And we strongly recommend you do; we can't wait to buy it, use it, break it, fix it...

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