23 Times Dan And Phil Looked Like Dogs

21 August 2015, 15:20 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Phil Lester as dog

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

It's a thing, OK?

A lot of things on the Internet scare us. We admit, we got pretty freaked out when we compiled the Dan and Phil fan fiction/50 Shades quiz. But nothing has confused us, scared us, excited us and bemused us as much as the Dan and Phil As Dogs Twitter account.

It never really crossed our minds that the twosome looked like any kind of four legged animal but this account is legit proof they're one and the same.

Let's start off with this...

And this time is pretty convincing...


Which one is which?!




Embrace the tongue.

Those feels.

Are you getting the idea now?



Fall Out Boy better watch out.

Same goes for the Blues Brothers

Bendy Wendy!

This is all kinds of everything...

And this makes us wanna get our freak on FO SHO.


U cool, bro?

This was a contender for our favourite ever.

As was this.

But in the end, this one won.

So, in summary, Dan and Phil are dogs.