Diplo Appropriates Artwork, Makes Misogynistic Comments, Fights With Geoff Barrow On Twitter

13 February 2015, 17:19 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Jacqueline Bowerman

A good day.

Yesterday, Diplo shared a new remix for Jack Ü's "Take Ü There" ft. Missy Elliot via Snapchat, using an uncredited illustrated GIF from Brooklyn Artist Rebecca Mock. After the artist tweeted about the infringement on Twitter, a downward slide of Terrible Events ensued where Diplo revealed the inner workings of his mind to be like the verbal equivalent of...



The appropriated GIF artwork below:

And when the illustrator confronted him about the infringement on Twitter, Diplo was quick to un-assume responsibility: pointing to his retroactive attempt of crediting the artist via Instagram.



Diplo then added: 


And when Geoff Barrow of seminal trip-hop band, Portishead, tweeted him in response, Diplo then proceeded to call him a "Salty Asshole".



And the dialogue ended like...








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