Diplo Has Defended Madonna And We Totally Agree

15 July 2015, 11:08 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Alim Kheraj

While he may seem like a jerk at times, Diplo has a serious point about this.

Diplo's social media presence might be problematic, but the man knows his way around a hit, as his latest collaboration with Jack Ü, Skrillex and Justin Bieber and Major Lazer mega-smash "Lean On" show. 

And now the producer has been spilling some serious truth tea about his work with Madonna and, we have to hand it to him, he has a point. 

Talking to Rolling Stone, the Major Lazer founder chastised the inherent sexism and ageism in the music industry. 

"She created the world we live in," he said of Madonna. "It already sucks to be a woman in the music industry, but to be a boss woman is even harder." 

Continuing he said: "She sold out her tour in minutes, but no one seems to want her to succeed — 'Madonna, we've been there, done that, now we're about Kim Kardashian.'" 

Madonna and Diplo worked together on the musical legend's latest album Rebel Heart, which suffered severe leaks ahead of its release. 

Speaking of the singer's last single "Ghosttown", which failed to chart inside the UK Official Chart Top 100, Diplo said: "Her song "Ghosttown" was a guaranteed Number One for anybody else, but she didn't get a fair shot. 

"With "Bitch I'm Madonna," everyone said there's no way it will go anywhere, but I'm like, 'Screw it, it represents you more than anything.'" 

Wow, when Diplo goes in he goes in HARD. 

The producer didn't stop there. Talking about working with The Biebs he said: "He's a rich kid and he's pretty much gonna have to be a jerk. But he's respectful to me." 

Snaps for Diplo. 

Don't mind us, we'll just be here sipping on some sweet, sweet tea...