This Extreme 90s Disney Trailer Has Us Aching For Our Childhoods

9 July 2015, 17:09 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

An image of disney characters.

By Alim Kheraj

The nostalgia is real. Truly, very real.

We're big fans of anything that makes us feel nostalgic, and this supecut trailer of Disney's 90s films has us seriously wishing we were kids again.  

While Disney seems to be going through it's second imperial stage, what with Frozen being the biggest thing since, well, ever, and creating something of a cultural phenomenon, it's a truth universally acknowledged (/argued by us) that the 90s were Disney's true imperial phase. 

In fact, the 90s have even been dubbed "The Disney Decade" by the company.

That's why we're almost tearing up at this video of all our FAVE Disney moments cut together. Literal. Tears. Of. Joy! 

There are cuts from The Lion KingMulanOliver & CompanyAladdinBeauty & The Beast and Pocahontas! Also, it's all been soundtracked by some fittingly epic music. 

Watch the supercut trailer below and be prepared to get hella excited. 

 Brb, just going home to watch every Disney movie ever.  

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