Now You Can Actually Run Through The 6 With Drake And His Woes

9 April 2015, 11:48 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Running Through The 6
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

If you're reading this it's Game Over.

Native Torontonians are still trying to figure out why Drake is rebranding their city as "The 6", but even if nobody knows what it means, it seems to be catching on in the weirdest ways. 

Because now, if you're an iPhone user with a lot of free time, you can quite literally run through the 6 with Drake.

Runnin Through The 6 is a dumb little iPhone game designed by Nico Uribe. Similar to other continuous running games, you are the tap-to-jump pilot of a cute little animated Drizzy, as he leaps across building rooftops trying to grab the "6" emojis that fly overhead - while also dodging the ominous wheelchair emoji. 

Accidentally running into one of these results in this:

Running Through The 6

Which results in this:

RIP 6God

Given that's obviously been thrown together for comedic value, the game itself is a little clunky, making it funnier than it is addictive. Our high score can't quite make it past 500 because some of the little 6s are impossible to reach, while some wheelchairs are impossible to dodge. #WOES

You can get Runnin Through The 6 on iTunes if you feel like a laugh. All in all it's hilarious for a few minutes, but it's not quite a rival for Flappy Bird just yet. Though if you want a music clone of that infernal game, Fall Out Boy have got you covered.

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