Guys It's Official - Drake Is To Blame For Everything

17 September 2015, 11:38

Sad Drake
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

No, we won't thank you later.

Can Drake stop ruining everything please? What is wrong with this dude, hasn't he ruined enough lives already? Just kidding! However he been taking a lot of flack for his not-so-low-key girlfriend and tennis pro Serena William's defeat in the semi-final of the U.S Open.

There is a little bit of history to this story. Shortly after Drizzy became the ambassador of his hometown basketball team in 2013, they went on a dire losing streak and subsequently were relegated from the league. They called it the 'Drake curse'. People are now saying his curse has struck again and Serena fans are p*ssed.

We know people are trolling but it got us thinking, what else could we blame Drake for? We've got a lot of problems that could use a scapegoat. Let's have a think...

1) Global Warming.

All those tours must rack up the carbon emissions.

2) Overpopulation.

We all know he's fond of the ladies but this time he's taken it too far.

3) Donald Trump.

We don't care if Drake's Canadian, he's still responsible for this monstrosity.

4) Abuse of the elderly?


5) Corruption.

You think he got all that money from rapping? Phisshhhhh...

6) Ruining Madonna's album campaign.


7) Natural Disasters.

It's the dancing. Always with the dancing.

8) Rap Beefs.

Meek Mill may have started it but maybe Drake should have written his own raps in the first place? Jeez.

9) This meme.


Okay, this is actually a good thing.

10) Never forget Degrassi.

You said it.

Nah, but really, we LOVE Drake! You just keep being you bbz! 

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