Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Destiny's Child Reunion

7 April 2015, 11:31 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Beyonce and Destiny's Child perform
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Hold up. Is this real life?

First thing is first. Don't call it a Destiny's Child reunion. 

10 year's on from their Destiny Fulfilled album and tour, our favourite three-piece are said to be planning a massive tour and album to give us that nostalgia kick which will recharge our will to live for the next couple of years. 

Michelle, Kelly, and Beyoncé, performed at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards recently and this might have given them the girl group bug yet again. It was the first time the three had performed live together since Beyoncé's 2013 Superbowl Half Time show performance.  

The reason you can't call it a Destiny's Child Reunion is because the groups former manager Matthew Knowles (Beyoncé's dad) has a stake in the band's DC branding. From the name to the merch, Matthew Knowles is as much a part of the franchise as Kelly, Beyoncé, and Michelle. 

Of course this is all based on a Daily Mail exclusive so we can probably take this with a grain of salt. 

But should there be a confirmation, you better believe Popbuzz will send a text right to your excel spread sheet with the good news. 

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