The PopBuzz Podcast Ep 52: John Cena

8 December 2017, 14:00 | Updated: 8 December 2017, 14:37

John Cena PopBuzz Podcast
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

John Cena stops by to talk about Ferdinand, those wrestling memes and takes on the PopBuzz Confession Booth.

John Cena was apparently in the PopBuzz Podcast hot seat this week but we couldn't even see him... *Trumpets start playing the distance* 

Yes, the iconic John Cena stopped by the studio armed with Christmas presents (yes, really) to talk about his brand new movie Ferdinand which is, and we're not just saying this because John was sat in front of us, SUCH a great movie.

We get deep into the thoughtful meanings behind the movie, talk about what the HELL goes through John’s mind every time he launches himself down that runway during Wrestlemania and he reveals what his ALL TIME favourite John Cena meme is. (Yes, he's seen them all and yes, he has laughed MANY MANY TIMES.) SPOILER ALERT: It's probably your favourite one too.

John also dives headfirst into the PopBuzz Confession booth. Just wait until you hear the reason for the last time he cried. You will literally sob.




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We kick things off this week with a troubling story that we feel needs to be addressed, to be quite honest. Melanie Martinez was accused of sexual assault by former-friend Timothy Heller this week. Some fans have been denouncing their support of her career while others have defended her. But here’s a few questions: Has Melanie’s statement raised a wider concern about what it means to consent to sex? Should she be treated any differently to the men who have been accused of the same thing? And will you continue to listen to her music in light of the news?

Atlantic Records

Also this week, Spotify released their annual ‘Wrapped’ feature where we can all find out what songs and artists we’ve been overplaying this year. Some of us got read for FILTH while some of us were actually quite pleased with our most listened to tracks of the year. But WHO was the world’s favourite artist? We’ll give you a clue or two… He’s ginger. And he's got a guitar. Bingo. You got it. You don’t even need to say his name out loud. 



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