This Is The Real Reason Why HRVY Spells His Name 'HRVY'

4 May 2018, 17:40

HRVY - PopBuzz Presents
Picture: PopBuzz
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Mystery solved!

You know it's a good day when HRVY drops by the set of PopBuzz Presents.


We HAD a lot of questions for HRVY. We've been bopping to his latest single 'Hasta Luego' with Malu Trevejo ever since it came out. Honestly, we're obsessed.

HRVY, Malu Trevejo - Hasta Luego (Official video)

Despacito, who?

But the most pressing question on our mind was about the spelling of his name. HRVY's real name is Harvey Leigh Cantwell. So why did he decide to use 'HRVY'?

"It was just a decision to make it sound cooler", he told us. "The Weeknd kinda does it at the end of his and I was like, well, he's cool, so lets just take them out. It was a joint decision. Now I just don't have them [vowels]."

Do people call him 'Hrvy' instead of 'Harvey'?

"All the time! It's so annoying. Every place I go they always make that joke or they just say 'H, R, V, Y'. When you ask Alexa, or one of those things you can speak to, it always says ' playing H, R, V, Y' instead of 'Harvey' which is kinda annoying but it is what it is."

Lol! Well it probably doesn't hurt with Google either? "That's why we did it!' he responded. Well, there you have it! Mystery solved.

What the full episode of PopBuzz Presents with HRVY on Twitter until next Thursday (May 10th) over here.