PopBuzz Presents Ep 6: Raye

22 December 2017, 11:51 | Updated: 22 December 2017, 11:54

Raye. Picture: PopBuzz
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Want to know what happens at Rihanna bootcamp? Well step inside, henny...



So fetch!

We've decked the halls with boughs of holly for an extra special Xmas episode with our number no.1 gal, singer and songwriter Raye!


Will & Lilah sat down for a chat with Raye about all the most pressing issues at Christmas time, namely whether Titanic can rightly be called a Xmas film and if there was room to save Jack on that door at the end of the film.


We got all the deets about what Raye will be doing this Christmas. It might sound a little unorthodox but we're pretty sure it beats watching the Queen's speech.

Sorry Queeny!

Raye was also spilling the tea left, right and centre about Rihanna's exclusive songwriting bootcamp, her upcoming collaboration project and her debut album.

We're so f**cking excited a little bit of pee just came out.

Make sure you catch up on the episode for the next seven days on the video below.

Thanks Raye!

We'll be taking a short holiday over Christmas to eat and drink ourselves into a coma but once we wake from our stupor, we'll return in the new year for another episode. See you then, hen! 🐔