Alison Brie On The 'Community' Movie: "I Think Netflix Would Be A Great Place For It"

26 June 2017, 16:25 | Updated: 26 June 2017, 16:30

James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Will the #SixSeasons&AMovie prophecy ever come true? Alison is calling on the streaming service to make it happen.

Alison Brie has given us an update on the long awaited Community movie, calling on her new bosses at Netflix to put up the cash and make it happen.

Alison was in town to promote her new wrestling-themed 80s drama GLOW which just hit the streaming service but, while she was here, we had to get an update on how the project is progressing:

"I don't think there are any script ideas happening or any script happening. But...I think everyone would be game to do it and we're all up for it but I sort of was thinking maybe...maybe even a little more time needs to pass before we get back and do it again. But, I've said this before and I'll say it again, I think Netflix would be a great place for the Community movie."

So not exactly filling us with hope but, hey, ya never know.

Alison also shared details of the Community cast's whatsapp group. Check out what she had to say in the video above.

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