Animé takes on The Most Impossible Animé Quiz | PopBuzz Meets

26 February 2019, 16:35

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"I know myself"

Ever since we discovered Good For You, we've been obsessed with Aminé.

So you can only imagine how truly blessed we felt when Aminé graced us with his presence on his recent UK tour. Having just arrived in London after his show in Paris, Aminé sat down with our gal Cat Warner to take on The Most Impossible Aminé Quiz and it was INTENSE (kinda).

Amine takes on The Most Impossible Animé Quiz
Amine takes on The Most Impossible Animé Quiz. Picture: PopBuzz

We got incredibly nerdy with Aminé and tested him on the tiny details from his albums and music videos. Can he reel off his debut album's tracklist backwards? What colour was Mel B's outfit in his Spice Girl video? What emoji's did his mum send him after watching his video for 'Reel It In' (one of our top singles of 2018)?

No spoilers here - hit play on the video above or head over to YouTube and see if you can beat Aminé at his own trivia.

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