BOA on her journey from underdog to fan favourite on Canada’s Drag Race | PopBuzz Meets

10 August 2020, 12:19

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

BOA tells PopBuzz how she went from underdog to fan favourite and what she really thinks about the Canada's Drag Race judges.

She might've been the Bitch On Arrival, but BOA left the first ever Canada's Drag Race as a fan favourite.

Whether it was getting into drama with the other queens or stealing the show with her wild outfit choices (we'll never forget that pubic hair bikini look until the day we die), BOA had a knack for snatching airtime during her stint on the show. But it was when BOA showed her vulnerable side that she really won over the fans.

As well as being open about her journey to sobriety and the negative influence that alcohol had on her life, in her final episode, BOA opened up about surviving a violent sexual assault. The conversation not only shone a light on an important issue of violence within the queer community, but it also gave BOA an opportunity to talk about the strength and solidarity she found in her community who supported her in the aftermath.

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Canada's Drag Race's BOA takes on the Drag Race Yearbook
Canada's Drag Race's BOA takes on the Drag Race Yearbook. Picture: Crave, PopBuzz

Following her elimination last week, BOA tells PopBuzz host Yshee Black about how she went from underdog to fan favourite, what she really thinks about the judges, and how she completely forgot all about her drama Kyne…until the show aired. BOA also nominates her fellow queens in the Drag Race Yearbook.

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