Ilona Verley reveals shocking moment that was cut before lip sync with Tynomi Banks | PopBuzz Meets

17 August 2020, 16:24

Ilona Verley Reveals Shocking Cut Tynomi Lip Sync Moment | Canada’s Drag Race | PopBuzz Meets

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Ilona Verley signs the Drag Race Yearbook.

Not since Valentina's mask-gate on the ninth season of Drag Race has there been such a dramatic runway moment as Ilona Verley's meltdown, and ultimate triumph, over Tynomi Banks in the lip sync during the 4th episode of Canada's Drag Race.

What seemed certain to be the end of Ilona's run in the competition in fact became the making of her. After breaking down in front of the judges and refusing to lip sync against her friend and teammate, eventually she was persuaded to perform after some gentle encouragement from the judges and other queens.

What came next surprised everyone: Ilona killed the lip sync and was saved by the judges. Even Tynomi admitted she thought she'd win the lip sync. What we didn't see on the show is what Tynomi whispered to Ilona before they began their now iconic lip sync battle, but Ilona is now spilling to the tea to PopBuzz.

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Ilona Verley Canada's Drag Race
Ilona Verley Canada's Drag Race. Picture: World of Wonder/PopBuzz

This week on the Drag Race Yearbook, Ilona reveals what Tynomi whispered in her ear to persuade her to do the lip sync, what she really thought about Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Brooke Lynn Hyte’s comments about her bum during the Canadian Tux-Shedo runway challenge, and the importance of two-spirit representation on TV.

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