Drag Race Down Under’s Maxi Shield reveals how Kita Mean’s win broke the rules | PopBuzz Meets

10 June 2021, 12:54

Drag Race Down Under’s Maxi Shield Reveals How Kita Mean’s Win Broke The Rules | PopBuzz Meets

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"That bitch had stripes and polka dots!"

Drag Race Down Under star Maxi Shield has revealed how Kita Mean's win on the latest episode of the season broke a secret rule.

Maxi Shield was eliminated from the competition following the family resemblance challenge where the queens were tasked with making over a rugby player. Unfortunately for Maxi, the judges took issue with some flaws in her partner's outfit and lost in a lip sync against scandal-ridden queen Scarlett Adams.

However, in an interview with PopBuzz following the elimination, Maxi revealed how the challenge winner, Kita Mean, had actually broken a rule with her choice of outfits on the runway.

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Drag Race Down Under's Maxi Shield
Drag Race Down Under's Maxi Shield. Picture: World of Wonder / PopBuzz

According to Maxi, before entering Drag Race, all the queens are told there are certain outfits they cannot use, including items with intense patterns or polka dots. This isn't because Ru and Michelle have an extreme aversion to polka dots, but because patterns can shake on camera due to the lighting, which would be distracting to viewers.

Kita obviously did not get the memo, as Kita and her partner wore matching stripes and polka dots. Maxi said: "There's a list of rules you get before you do Drag Race and one of them was no intense patterns or polka dots.

"So, that bitch had stripes and polka dots...and then won! For International All Stars I'll just ask for apologies the whole way through. But it was fucking amazing though. Her daughter was beautiful."

Elsewhere in the chat, Maxi reveals why her drag daughter didn’t have matching "jugs" and how long she had prepared for her iconic microphone stunt during the lip sync against Etcetera Etcetera. That, and Maxi nominates her fellow queens in our juicy yearbook categories.

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