Hailee Steinfeld talks Dickinson season 2, Emily and Sue and debut album | PopBuzz Meets

14 January 2021, 16:19

Hailee Steinfeld talks Dickinson Season 2, Emily and Sue & Debut Album | PopBuzz Meets

By Sam Prance

Hailee Steinfeld also got candid about Emily Dickinson's impact on pop culture, Wiz Khalifa and her relationship with fame.

Hailee Steinfeld has opened up about Dickinson season 2, producing the series and her music in an exclusive interview with PopBuzz.

Speaking about Dickinson and whether or not she thinks Emily and Sue would work as a couple in the modern world, Hailee said: "Oh my God. Why not? Absolutely." She added: "I do think that they might find more reasons for it to be complicated, but they wouldn't be Emily and Sue if they didn't."

Discussing what makes them so special as a couple, Hailee said: "But I absolutely think that they are who they're meant to be when they're with each other, so I think they could take on any time in the world, any time of history, if they had each other, for sure."

Hailee, or Hailegend as she's known to her fans, then spoke about her dream guest stars for the series and why she's excited for people to see season 2.

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Hailee explained: "I mean yeah, there's so many people. We've gotten so lucky. We've had so many incredible guest stars on the show already and there are some in season 2 that I'm very excited about. Having Wiz Khalifa in the show, so cool, and to think that he's a fan of the show and wanted to come back to do more is really exciting."

The 24-year-old also talked about producing the show. "It's been really amazing producing this project. I couldn't think of a better project to be in that producing role for the first time. It's definitely been a learning curve and I've loved the opportunity."

Hailee Steinfeld talks Dickinson season 2, Emily and Sue and debut album | PopBuzz Meets (2)
Hailee Steinfeld talks Dickinson season 2, Emily and Sue and debut album | PopBuzz Meets (2). Picture: Apple TV

As for whether or not Emily would like her music, Hailee said: "I've never thought of that. I'm just gonna go with she would love it. I worked on a song for season 1 called 'Afterlife' and that was actually a song that I did years before Dickinson. It weirdly felt so Emily inspired already that I do feel like she has this impact on pop culture and songwriting, whether people are aware of it or not."

And fans can rest assured that Hailee's debut album is on its way. She revealed: "Oh my goodness. Yes. I know that it has been a long time coming and [my fans] have heard me say the word 'soon' more times than I wish it has come out of my mouth... but it's being worked on and I'm very excited with where it's at. I cannot wait to show people what it is."

Watch the interview above to find out everything Hailee told us.