Hailee Steinfeld Thinks "Pitch Perfect 4" Might Happen And Her Plot Suggestion Is Amazing

18 December 2017, 15:52 | Updated: 18 December 2017, 16:12

By Katie Louise Smith

Could Pitch Perfect 4 be on the way? Is this really the last we've seen of the Bellas?

Seeing as Pitch Perfect 3 is being billed as the "last call" for the Barden Bellas, we thought we'd grill this week's podcast guest Hailee Steinfeld on whether or not we would eventually get a fourth instalment to the franchise. Right now, Hailee's character Emily is only remaining Bella still at Barden University so if anyone knows the tea, it's gotta be the new Queen Bee of the Bellas, right?

Well, Hailee doesn't know for sure just yet but if she got the call? She would toooootally be on board with number 4. (And it sounds like the rest of the squad would up for it too!)

"I don't know for sure, I would like to believe that it's not entire over for the Bellas," she said, "whether that means a fourth movie or some sort of, I don't know, musical aspect collaboration situation, I don't know. But if there were to be a fourth film, the possibilities are endless..."

And what might those possibilities be? "Half of us think we might be going to space."

Space Perfect, you heard it here first. We mean, we could come up with 75 different situations that the Bellas could find themselves in for movie number four. But until we get the green light for Pitch Perfect 4, you're just gonna have to get to the cinema to send the Bellas off in style!

Listen to the rest of Hailee's interview below: