Halsey takes on the The MOST IMPOSSIBLE Halsey Quiz | PopBuzz Meets

22 November 2018, 17:27

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Can Halsey correctly answer these impossible questions about herself?

When Halsey dropped by the PopBuzz studio earlier this month, she was spilling tea left, right and centre about her new album, a cast-iron-never-to-be-broken promise (kinda) that she will duet with Lauren Jauregui again, and even teased a musical offering with none other than Mr Panic at the Kinky Boots show himself, Brendon Urie.

It was truly the greatest day of the year. Even better than Halloween. But we couldn't let Halsey leave without playing one last game with us, so we challenged her to The Most Impossible Halsey Quiz and we've honestly never seen anything like it.


It had it all: intense concentration faces, maths lady meme calculations and, most importantly, wholesome fun.


Consider yourself a Halsey fan? Think you can do better than the lady herself?


Then head to the top of the page to watch the video. And don't forget to catch out the full Halsey interview over on YouTube.


'Without Me' (aka the best Halsey song ever - don't @ us) is out now.