Hari Nef plays Like, Block or Report | PopBuzz Meets

26 November 2018, 17:24

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Assassination Nation is out now in UK cinemas.

Last Friday (Nov 23) saw the UK release of Assassination Nation, a Gossip Girl meets Kill Bill thriller in which four teenage girls are scapegoated as the masterminds behind a huge data hack in the town of Salem. Bex, played by Hari Nef, and her friends fight for their lives as the town is ravaged by a wave of paranoia, suspicion and violent recriminations after the entire town's private messages and photos are leaked for all to see.

It's literally all your worst social media nightmares come true.

But what about those other types of social media nightmares? Y'know, when you discover someone has been subtweeting you or you spot an ex creeping on your Insta? We sat down with actress, model and all round Good Human Being Hari Nef to discuss Assassination Nation and her character Bex, while also playing a game of Like, Block or Report to see where Hari truly stands on social media faux pas. Spoiler: she really likes the mute button.

Assassination Nation is out now in UK cinemas.