Drag Race's Kandy Muse picks 3 queens to replace RuPaul in 'Honest Opinions Only' | PopBuzz Meets

31 August 2021, 15:15

Drag Race's Kandy Muse Picks 3 Queens To Replace RuPaul As Head Judge | Honest Opinions Only

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Kandy has broken out of the VIP to spill all the tea.

RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 was the longest season in Drag Race herstory and it would have been *quite* the slog were it not for the legend and the icon that is Ms Kandy Muse.

As soon as she hit play on that boombox handbag during her first lip sync, Kandy marked herself out to be a queen full of wit and star power, as well as strong lip-syncer who could slay the house down boots yes gawd *tongue pop* any day of the week.

Kandy wasn't shy about sharing her opinion either. Who can forget the now infamous episode of Untucked in which Kandy and Tamisha Iman nearly came to blows after Kandy confronted Tamisha for calling her arrogant. Kandy clearly isn't the type of girl who is afraid of letting bitches have it.

So, when we heard Kandy was going to be in town, we invited her over to PopBuzz HQ (our first in-studio guest since the start of the pandemic!) to get her take on everything Drag Race in a game we like to call Honest Opinions Only.

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Drag Race's Kandy Muse plays Honest Opinions Only
Drag Race's Kandy Muse plays Honest Opinions Only. Picture: PopBuzz

Drag Race has had its fair share of scandals lately, both on the runway and off. So we asked Kandy to spill the tea on what she really thinks of everything from wearing H&M dresses on the runway, the shadiest queen on her season, whether she thinks Snatch Game should be retired forever, and who she thinks should replace RuPaul as the head judge in the future (not that we want to see RuPaul go anywhere...it's just a hypothetical question y'all!)

Hit play on the video at the top of this page to watch Kandy Muse and then head over to the PopBuzz YouTube channel to get even more videos with your favourite Drag Race queens.

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