Queer Eye's Tan France says Japan specials are "the best reality television you will ever see" | PopBuzz Meets

16 July 2019, 16:08

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Tan France on Queer Eye heading to Japan, mental health and his new YouTube channel.

It might not be immediately obvious from Tan France's calm and polite exterior on Netflix's Queer Eye, but the fashion expert has had a wilder ride to TV stardom than most.

In his new autobiography, Naturally Tan, the fashion stylist and designer opens up about his very peculiar route to TV fame. The book follows Tan's precocious early years, enrolling at a fashion college (without telling his parents for a year) and jetting off on secret holidays to New York while he was still a teenager (again, without telling his parents). Needless to say, Tan has been headstrong from the get-go.

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After a period of starting and quitting jobs with a frequency that is actually very impressive when you think about it - 24 jobs in five years - Tan found himself, somewhat inexplicably, starting a modesty clothing line for Mormons, mostly in Utah, which is exactly what you wouldn't expect a gay British-Muslim man from the Midlands would be doing in his 20s.

Tan France PopBuzz Interview
Tan France PopBuzz Interview. Picture: PopBuzz

The range was a huge hit in the Mormon community. And after creating a second successful clothing brand, Tan experienced a period of burnout and depression ("it was a short moment, a blip in my life," he says) which eventually led to Tan selling his businesses. As luck would have it, just as he was about to retire at the grand age of 34, Netflix came knocking and changed his life forever.

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When Tan visited PopBuzz HQ (for the third time no less!) we asked him about all the twists and turns in his career so far, Queer Eye season 4, and the forthcoming Japanese specials, which Tan describes as "the very best we've ever, ever done...in my opinion the best reality television you will ever see."

That AND we discussed Tan's fledgling YouTube channel. Henny, if you're not subscribing, then you're not living. On his channel, Tan makes a varied selection of videos from how-to guides to getting the perfect Tan France quiff, to alien hunting trips with his husband. Cute! Just don't expect him to get into any YouTube drama soon. "I love putting out YouTube content but I'm definitely too old for it. I'll turn up to events and people are going crazy for somebody in the corner, and I'm like 'who the hell is that? I've never seen that person before!' and it turns out it's a YouTuber. Bizarre."

Watch the full interview above and then head to our YouTube channel for more video, including Tan France taking on The Most Impossible Queer Eye Quiz. Just you wait till you see Tan's drawing of Bruley the dog. You will scream.

Naturally Tan is out now. Queer Eye 4 drops July 19th.