Tan France takes on The Most Impossible 'Queer Eye' Quiz | PopBuzz Meets

12 March 2019, 15:39

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Tan France can't draw dogs.

Internationally beloved Netflix show Queer Eye returns for its third season this Friday (March 15) for another positivity-filled run of makeovers and, having seen the first few episodes, we can confirm it might just be the best season yet.

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This time around we find Jonathan, Karamo, Bobby, Antoni and Tan in Kansas City, Missouri, with a diverse cast of heroes to help on their path to self-improvement. Whether it is the stunning double makeover featuring BBQ queens Little and Shorty, hunting and camo-enthusiast Jodie's glamorous awakening, or the arrival of the cutest member of the Fab Five - their new team mascot Bruley - season three really does have it all. Expect to laugh, cry and - just for a moment - to forget the impending doom of global warming, natural disasters and nuclear war.

Tan France - The Most Impossible Queer Eye Quiz
Tan France - The Most Impossible Queer Eye Quiz. Picture: PopBuzz

Now, we don't like to pick favourites (the Fab Five are like our children, we can't pick a favourite) but it's fair to say we might have fallen in love with just-as-lovely-IRL Tan France. We haven't spent a whole week with him like the heroes do on the show but when Tan popped down to PopBuzz HQ, in just 30 minutes ours souls and spirits were cleansed, our skin was clear, depression cured and eyesight back to 20/20. It was truly a Tan France miracle.

We're not sure if Tan would say the feeling was mutual. We challenged Tan to The Most Impossible 'Queer Eye' Quiz to test his knowledge on the show. Semi-spoiler: turns out, Tan is very well-versed on his own show. What he's not so good at is drawing dogs. And when I say you will scream when he attempts to draw Bruley, you will SCREAM.

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