Taron Egerton talks Robin Hood, his real name and future singing career plans

22 November 2018, 17:26

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Robin Hood himself, Taron Egerton, swung by the studio for a lovely chat

Superstar actor and archery enthusiast Taron Egerton dropped by the PopBuzz studio to discuss his new film Robin Hood (out today!), how his training in Kingsman: The Secret Service help him prepare for the role, and the real meaning of his name. Prepare to be shook.

Young T told our very own Benedict Townsend (the one not wearing a hat, they're easily confused) that the Robin Hood team wanted this film to feel a bit more fun and energetic than previous outings - and that really stands out in the film's epic action sequences.

Taron also had some opinions when was he was told what his name actually translate as (he was on board) and when we suggested he should have done a Will Smith-style rap over the credits of the film (less on board).

It seems like Taron had an awful lot of fun making this film, in fact it may have been the most fun thing he's ever done - that is until we whipped out our Robin Hood pub quiz, which Taron completely smashed.