The Vivienne guesses iconic Drag Race quotes on 'Snatch Phrase' | PopBuzz Meets

27 May 2020, 17:23

The Vivienne Guesses Iconic Drag Race Quotes | PopBuzz Meets

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Red wig and a silver dress? The Vivienne takes on Snatch Phrase and reveals all about her new single 'Tonight'.

Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne might just be the hardest working queen in show business. Since winning the competition, she's gone on to launch two new shows, a podcast and can now add 'pop star' to her resumé, as she's released a new, 80s inspired single called 'Tonight'.

To celebrate its release, The Vivienne jumped on Zoom with PopBuzz to discuss the inspiration behind the song, her favourite queen from season 12 (spoiler alert: its Heidi N Closet) and to play a little game we like to call Snatch Phrase.

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TONIGHT- Official Lyric Video

Drag Race UK wasn't exactly short on iconic moments. The Frock Destroyers slayed the UK charts with their song 'Breakup (Bye Bye)' and Baga Chipz scene-stealing turn in 'Downton Draggy' made her line "Much Better" the most ubiquitous catchphrase from Drag Race since "Miss Vaaaaanjie." And then, of course, there was The Vivienne and Divina De Campo's epic fall out in episode 6.

Divina's scathing response to The Vivienne's criticism of her "red wig and silver dress" will go down in the herstory books, and it's even inspired its own TikTok challenge. Given The Vivienne's put down inspired the meme, we thought we would see how well The Vivienne can remember other hilarious one liners from Drag Race UK. Can The Vivienne match the funny line to the drag queen? Hit play on the video at the top of this page to find out.

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