Too Hot To Handle season 3 cast reveal which rules they broke without being caught by Lana | PopBuzz Meets

20 January 2022, 11:43 | Updated: 21 January 2022, 17:51

By Sam Prance

Watch the Too Hot to Handle season 3 contestants play Honest Opinions Only.

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Too Hot to Handle season 3 is out on Netflix and we caught up with the cast to find out really what went down on the show.

Too Hot to Handle is back. Just like seasons 1 and 2, an array of sexy singletons have unknowingly signed up to take part in a competition where they are unable to kiss, have sexual contact or masturbate. If they break the rules, money is deducted from the collective prize which starts at $200,000. Virtual assistant Lana has also returned the host the chaotic series.

In honour of the new season, we got Nathan, Harry, Izzy and Beaux to play Honest Opinions Only with our very own, virtual assistant named Alan. Watch the video above to find out lots of exclusive gossip and information about the season.

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Too Hot To Handle season 3 cast play Honest Opinions Only | PopBuzz Meets
Too Hot To Handle season 3 cast play Honest Opinions Only | PopBuzz Meets. Picture: Netflix

So, what did Alan find out, exactly? Well, did any of the contestants break the rules without Lana catching them? It turns out that the boys did. Nathan said: "I almost broke every rule and she never saw it. You gotta catch her on the right day." Harry then added: "You gotta be good at what you do." However, Izzy and Beaux said that they didn't get away with anything.

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As for who they would have kicked out of the competition, Izzy said Obi for being "the biggest cockblock" but then added that she couldn't live without him. She also said "Holly and Nathan because they lost the most money". Beaux replied: "I agree with that. We started caring about other people's feelings and they sort of didn't."

Who was the most likely to break the rules? Which past contestants do they fancy? And who would they snog, marry and avoid? Hit play on the video at the top of this page to find out.

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