Umbrella Academy's Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper tease Klaus & Luther team up in season 3

31 July 2020, 15:40

Umbrella Academy's Robert Sheehan And Tom Hopper Want Klaus And Luther Team Up In Season 3

By Katie Louise Smith

Sex chat with Klaus and Luther? Brace yourselves!

If someone asked you what you'd like to see happen in The Umbrella Academy season 3, what would your answer be? If Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper get their way, we'll finally get to see Klaus and Luther reppin' the Hargreeves family name on a mission together. (Uhhhh, yes please!)

Ahead of the release of The Umbrella Academy season 2, Robert and Tom dropped into a Zoom call with PopBuzz to reveal their favourite moments, drop some cheeky behind the scenes nuggets and discuss what they hope will be ahead for their characters next season.

Let's just say, the words "naked, in the snow, breathing..." were uttered and now we can't get the visual out of our heads.

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Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper talk Umbrella Academy season 3
Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper talk Umbrella Academy season 3. Picture: PopBuzz

One of the best things about The Umbrella Academy is the different dynamics between the siblings. In season 2, we see a Hargreeves shake up, with Luther, Five and Diego joining forces, while Klaus, Allison and Vanya spend time together.

But when are we gonna get that damn Klaus and Luther collab? That very dynamic is something that Rob and Tom both want to explore in season 3.

“I’d like to explore relationships that haven’t necessarily been explored to a great depth yet,” said Robert. “For example, Klaus and Luther. We had some lovely stuff when Luther was kind of on the edge in the first season but I think there’s much more there to be discovered.

"Everything from love, growing up, sex…" he continued. "There’s all these things because the more they get older, the more they realise that they just have each other. So it’d be nice to explore some of those individual relationships.”

Sex chat with Klaus and Luther? Brace yourselves!


Tom was also in agreement, saying: “I’ve had a lot of time with Emmy [Raver-Lampman] as Allison, and Diego [David Castañeda] and even with Ellen [Page] a little bit now actually. I’ve had this great storyline with Five. I’d love to have a similar sort of thing with Klaus."

He continued: “The seriousness of Luther and the clown element of Klaus, those two as a partnership could lead to some good entertainment, but also some nice deep character development moments for their relationship.”

There's no official confirmation for season 3 just yet but the official Klaus and Luther season 3 team up prayer circle starts here.

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