Winston Duke reacts to those wild 'Us' fan theories | PopBuzz Meets

22 March 2019, 12:50

By Katie Louise Smith

"The honest truth is, it's the Jordan Peele universe so it operates within those same rules. I can easily say without spoiling the movie: it's not Get Out."

Jordan Peele just dropped the best film of 2019 and you are NOT ready for it. Us, his sophomore outing following the absolute banger that is Get Out, is released in cinemas on March 22 and we can confirm that it is VERY GOOD.

Fronted by Lupita Nyong'o (who deserves every award possible for her chilling performance as Adelaide Wilson/Red), the film also stars Black Panther's Winston Duke and two incredible young actors, Shahidi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex.

Ahead of the release of the film, PopBuzz sat down with Winston who plays the hilariously goofy patriarch of the family with a penchant for boats, Gabe Wilson, to discuss the ins and outs of the movie.

From his inspirations for the characterisation of Gabe ("Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince and Carl Winslow from Family Matters. I wanted to have a dad that felt really familiar") to what it was like working with writer and director Jordan Peele and reuniting with his Black Panther co-star - and fellow Yale graduate - Lupita Nyong'o ("I took it on myself, my own personal duty, to make it a really great space for her to do her best work"), Winston spilled it all.

Winston Duke reads 'Us' fan theories
Winston Duke reads 'Us' fan theories. Picture: PopBuzz

We also put Winston to the task of reacting to some of those absolutely wild fan theories that started circulating after the release of the trailer back in 2018. His thoughts? They're all brilliant but also, you're all wrong... ish. He also can't confirm or deny anything because the plot of the film is under wraps obviously - no spoilers here! But there was one thing he could confirm: Us is not a sequel to Get Out but it does operate within the same rules of the Jordan Peele universe. Interesting...

Winston is also set to - allegedly, according to IMDb - reprise his role as M'Baku in Avengers: Endgame next month. As you'll know, M'Baku was one of the few Wakandans left alive after Thanos' snap in Infinity War so we asked Winston to give us one word that sums up the big conclusion. His answer? "Bigger." Duh!

Us, starring Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke, is in cinemas March 22.