Facebook Just Added An Awesome New Feature: Here Are 10 Ways To Celebrate

1 June 2015, 17:41 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

It is finally here!

In case you hadn't heard, Facebook recently announced that it will officially support the use of gifs within user News Feeds. Previously, gifs could not be played natively in feeds and could only lead people onto external sites. 


Lots of people think that Facebook has had the capability to support gifs for quite some time, but that they've only chosen now to unveil the perk. 

The feature doesn't work for fan pages (boo!) but personal accounts will now be able to host the moving pictures from tumblr, giphy, and other sites. 

Step 1: Procure the gif URL (it will have the .gif extension) 
Step 2: Paste the URL into the status update box
Step 3: Voila!  

If you're not sure which gifs to start the party with, here are 10 sure fire gifs to get your temperatures rising. 

1. When you're online and feeling funky fresh.


2. When everything you've ever known was a lie. 


3.  When you've been awake for 29 hours straight and have to interact with humans. 


4. When someone says they don't watch Game of Thrones. 

5.When you're feeling the music in your soul. 


6. When someone wants to come for you but you have all their receipts. 


7. When internet fight. 


8. When you just HAVE to spill the tea on your enemy.  


9. When Netflix. 

10. When you're not here for that. 


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