"Pulp Fiction" Meets "The Munsters" In Fall Out Boy's Groovy New Track

12 January 2015, 16:06 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Pulp Fiction/FOB/Munsters
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Listen to "Uma Thurman", the latest FOB offering with a Tarantino twist.

"May nothing but death. Do. Us. Part," croons Patrick Stump in latest Fall Out Boy track "Uma Thurman", before a 60s surfer riff kicks in that might be familiar to old people and classic TV aficionados.

The band have sampled the theme from spooky 60s sitcom The Munsters, in the latest release from upcoming album American Beauty/American Psycho. And although the more electronic track is yet another huge deviation away from their late-2000s pop-punk roots, you can't be mad, because it sounds... groovy.

"Originally, when we came up with the idea, and there was this sample in it, which is a sample from The Munsters TV show, people kept saying "oh cool, like Quentin Tarantino, cool" when we played it," admits writer Pete Wentz in the Fall Out Boy Tumblr post releasing the song. "We decided why don’t we kind of create this world around that?"

The Pulp Fiction-y vibe is definitely audible there, and it became the inspiration for the song's name and lyrical content.

"We thought a lot about Kill Bill and who [Uma Thurman's] character was in that, and this kind of resilience and this violence, but there’s something that’s authentic about it...so that’s what the chorus of the song’s about, and the verses are what you would do to try and capture this woman’s affection."

Pete Wentz,"Uma Thurman" - Fall Out Boy Blog 

We know what he means. It definitely has that "want to boogy with someone but in a sexy way" vibe.

Give it a listen above and get your groove on.

Also if you've never heard it, here's the original theme song from The Munsters for reference.


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