Here's How Apple Majorly Trolled Us All At Their Announcement

10 September 2015, 11:56 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika


Every year Apple's big tech announcements dominate the mainstream news for at least the week proceeding and the days following. Speculations about new iPhone features and iPad announcements whirl around Twitter but this year, speculations reached fever pitch. But not for the reasons you would think. 

In the year Apple acquired Beats for 3bn, launched Apple One Music, poached Radio 1's most prized DJ, released their most comprehensive pay model, bagged Drake and Ezra Koenig as show hosts, and had Dr. Dre in their pockets, people were sure Apple was going to do something huge--music-wise at this year's presentation.

Tim Cook

The odds on favourite for new music was Drake. The rapper released If You're Reading This It's Too Late earlier this year, but it was in 2014 when he announced plans for an LP called Views From The Six. With Drake and Apple getting noticeably chummy these last few months, it was expected that the Canadian rapper would release something alongside Apple at the event.

Mmmm, how about no?

Instead of the Drake album that fans demanded, nay, deserved, they got this. 
OneRepublic press shot

Amazingly forward thinking tech giant, Apple Inc. put One Republic (a band who have not released music since 2013) on stage at an event where they had just hailed their tech as "the most advanced smart phone in the world". Jesus wept. 

As it turns out, everyone else was thinking the same thing as we were because how could they not be? 

Okay but in all seriousness, how did everyone get it so wrong? We were rooting for you, Apple. We were all rooting for you.