13 Undead Hotties That Are Worth Dying For

11 April 2016, 06:00 | Updated: 15 November 2016, 16:28

Fear the Walking Dead
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

This is definitely *not* weird...

You know that expression 'get your mind out of the gutter?' Well we've got our mind in the grave and we can't get out of it. We know that sounds twisted but there's A LOT of undead hotties out there! Enough to fill a graveyard or three...

So we've teamed up with our zombie friends at Fear the Walking Dead to put together a list of the hottest undead people alive (or should that be dead? Idk.) We are SO excited for the new series! Make sure to watch Fear the Walking Dead, Mondays 9pm on AMC, exclusively from BT. 


Let's start with Evan Peters from American Horror Story. He's half dead but...hot damn!


Another wouldn't hurt, right?



Bite me, Edward Cullen, BITE ME. 



We'd let Nicholas Hoult eat our brains for a kiss. It's a fair deal.



We'd also turn vamp for Eric Northman *drools*



You know what they say - two vamps are always better than one. Amirite?



Is that blood round your mouth, Klaus Mikaelson? *tries to seductively lick lips*



Okay Brendon, time to show us your beautiful dead torso.



The vampire-peroxide-blonde look has never looked better than on Spike.



Although we were more of an Angel kinda gal, personally speaking.



Fact: Nick Carter in the "Everybody" video is sexiest mummy to ever grace the earth.


*definitely true*

Was Shane Walsh hotter before or after he turned into a zombie? CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: it's the latter.



All these boys are nice but let's give it up for the queen of hot zombies, Gloria from Fear the Walking Dead.


Let's not forget Art. Dayummmm.....


Please don't judge us. But DO watch Fear the Walking Dead, Mondays 9pm on AMC, exclusively from BT.