Hold The Phone! One Direction Have Finally Spoken About Zayn

15 May 2015, 09:12 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Is Zouis back?

If you're anything like us then you probably haven't been able to sleep since Zayn and Louis' big twitter fall out. Things have been tense between the boys since Zayn's departure but we never thought it would get so ugly. 

The boys stopped by James Corden's Late Night Show in their first appearance since Zayn left and it turns out that Louis doesn't have any hard feelings for his former bandmate.

We're on good terms with him. I've never been very good at biting my tongue, maybe I get it off my mum. Twitter is good for connecting with the fans but also if you feel like saying something that you probably shouldn't--it's also good for that.

Louis Tomlinson

The boys didn't mention whether or not they'd seen Zayn since the split but they did acknowledge that Zayn had been unhappy in the job for some time. 

There are certain parts of the job that Zayn loved and certain parts of the job that he didn't.

Liam Payne

Watch the video below

But in case that's all got you feeling a bit down in the dumps, please have a video of One Direction playing dogdeball for your consideration. Namaste.