7 Easy Ways You Can Become A Popular Instagram Style Blogger

20 July 2015, 16:53 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A step by step guide to making it big on Instagram

Instagram fame is a many pronged beast. You could either become famous from having exposure on other platforms or build your #brand organically. Whatever the case may be, if you're becoming an Instagram lifestyle/beauty blogger there are important steps you have take. 

Step 1) All white everything Lifestyle Instagram1

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There is something about the colour white (is white a colour? Discuss.) that sends beauty bloggers into a frenzy. I'm not sure there are many things that lifestyle bloggers love more than a flat lay or a portrait shot dominated by white space. BLOGGERS LOVE WHITE STUFF. I guess it's because beauty bloggers love all things pristine. White is is a nice crisp way to show off the expensive goodies that have come in the mail. 


Step 2) CoffeeLifestyle Instagram3

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It feels like lifestyle blogs are always in competition to see who can come up with the most creative ways of photographing coffee. We're all guilty of this so I'm not even going to try and shade anyone. All I'm saying is that, if there aren't at least five coffee photos in your feed, are you really a lifestyle blogger? Food for thought. 


Step 3) MacaroonsInstagram Lifestyle 5

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Why are these things so popular? Can someone who has tried these please tweet me and let me know why these are so popular? Am I missing something? Have I not seen enough of the world? 


Step 4) Your feed has to look like this or a variation of this.Lifestyle Instagram2 

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Your instagram feed has to literally look like you live in a dream. Like, all you do is eat strawberries and lay in your perfectly white sheets with your perfect puppy. Do you know why I don't have white sheets? Because I'm not a lifestyle blogger and because my sheets are covered in pizza grease.  


Step 5) You have to literally do acrobatics when you take your photos.
Lifestyle Instagram4

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What even is this? What does this represent? And why am I inexplicably drawn to this? 


Step 6) #BrunchGoals
brunch goals

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If you're not killing the brunch game, how can you expect to be a frontrunner in this Instagram Lifestyle blogger rat race. It's just common sense. See a brunch? Photograph a brunch. 

Step 7) It has to take you 30 minutes to upload one photo

Marianna Hewitt explaining her instagram uploading process makes me sweat (but like, in a positive way). She has a really elaborate system which both intrigues me and stresses me out (but like, in a positive way). Either way, Instagram photos aren't a 5 minute job, you hack.