The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2: Our Dream Soundtrack

13 July 2015, 18:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Miley, Taylor, Lana etc on Hunger Games poster

By Alim Kheraj

Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour...

It may not be out until November, but The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, the concluding part of the epic Hunger Games franchise, teased its latest trailer at Comic Con and, by the sounds of it, it’s set to be incredible.

While we love all things Katniss, Peeta and Gale, one thing we’re possibly more excited for is the film’s accompanying soundtrack.

The reason we’re so psyched for the soundtrack is because of last year’s excellent Lorde-curated collection. 

Calling in Ariana Grande, Major Lazer, Charli XCX, Kanye, HAIM and more, the album was a perfect accompaniment to the film and even made it to number eight on Rolling Stone’s 20 Best Pop Albums of 2014.

With Mockingjay Part 2’s soundtrack and its curator yet-to-be-announced, we’ve decided to hold our own little contest and put together a list of artists that we’d LOVE to nominate as tributes to feature on the album, along with our dream curator.

Happy Hunger Games, popstars, and may the odds be ever in your favour…

Sky Ferreira 


She might be on the rockier edge of pop, but Ferreira’s moody guitar laden sound has something that would accompany Katniss’ underlying angst and the general war-torn nation of Panem perfectly. Just imagine a song as good as “I Blame Myself” [above] on the soundtrack. Just imagine. 

Tove Styrke

While the last soundtrack featured a different Swedish singer also called Tove, we think it’s time for Tove Styrke to shine through. Her sophomore album Kiddo is full of songs that speak out against patriarchal oppression, like the tropical “Borderline”, and we feel that Katniss might be able to relate to new anti-establishment banger. 


MS MR shouldn’t record anything new for the soundtrack but just re-release “Bones” again and again. 

Jungle ft. MØ

If soundtracks are good for one thing, it’s unlikely pairings. People seem more open to collaborating when it’s just a one off. We think that Jungle might be able to capture the electronic madness of Panem, while MØ, who is still riding off the back of Major Lazer collaboration “Lean On”, could deliver some serious sass.

Ellie Goulding

The rumour mill surrounding Goudling’s upcoming third album is in full force, and what better way to launch the campaign properly than with another super smash hit from a blockbuster movie? Love Me Like You Do Pt 2 pls. 


She’s a baby popstar when you place her next to the others, but Shura is more than capable of writing a song that would fit the aesthetics for The Hunger Games. We can totally imagine a song like “White Light” [above] accompanying the film. 

Britney Spears

Britney’s cover of “Tom’s Diner” showed that star still had something in her that, when utilised well, could be outstanding. No one can detach themselves like Britney Spears, and we can totally picture there being a synth-heavy electro-ballad with Spears cooing all over the place. This needs to happen.

The Weeknd ft. Halsey 

Like Goulding, surely The Weeknd will want a Q4 boost following the release of his new album in August. We think bringing in the vocal talents of newcomer Halsey will give a potential soundtrack song that much needed edge.

Lana Del Rey

If Lana Del Rey doesn’t write a song for a film soundtrack, does the soundtrack even exist? 

Taylor Swift

She had the lead single for the first Hunger Games film with “Safe & Sound” and we think it only fitting that Tay should close the whole thing off with a new 80s inspired power ballad. Just head to Sweden and jump in the studio with Max Martin, bbz. It’ll be a treat. 

Curator: Miley Cyrus

We think Miley Cyrus will be asked to curate the final Hunger Games soundtrack off the back of her “Happy Hippie Presents…” series. Not only is Cyrus one of the most adaptable and talented popstars out there right now, but also people will jump at the chance to work with her. Her knowledge of pop culture, trends and music set her apart from the crowd, and she’ll know which older acts, like Joan Jett, to bring in to make the soundtrack varied and a critical success.

What do you think? Did we get it right? Let us know below pls or on Twitter. THANKS

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