12 Cats React To Iggy Azalea Throwing Shade At Them

29 July 2015, 17:26 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Iggy Azalea

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Iggy Azalea seriously said she didn't like cats and the Internet went cray cray.

The Internet is basically built on cats and whilst we know some people in life don't like them, we ignore those people. And people who don't like cheese but that's another issue. So we'll be pretty cautious next time we fancy a little twerk to 'Fancy' because it turns out that Iggy Azalea has no love for cats. Not one bit.

In Iggy's defence, the feline is question does like kinda psycho but whatever...

Seriously though, imagine being a cat and finding one of the world's biggest musicians blatantly shaming you like that. How dare they! How dare they tarnish your entire species with the same brush... even if you do think she kinda deserved it. One minute you're scratching the sofa and eating pilchards, the next your life is filled with Twitter beef.

We reached out to 13 Pop Buzz fans and found out what they thought of Iggy's feline dissing...

Bob, age 2, East London


Princess PawPants, age 5, Oxford


Jeffery, age 9, Manchester


Fluffykins, age 4, Glasgow



Steve, age 7, Newcastle



Pandora, age 10, Scunthorpe 


Mia, age 8, North London


Marie, age 4, Paris


Speedy Gonzales, age 9, Cardiff


Bonnie, age 5, Sunderland


Miss Betty, age 8, Birmingham


Spangles, age 3, Blackpool