Is The Iggy/Britney Collab Going To Be Great Or Terrible?

10 April 2015, 12:30 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Britney teases photos and lyrics from the video shoot after Iggy has already blabbed about the whole writing process.

When we learned that there was a collab between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea in the works, we were immediately in two minds: "Yay, new Britney!" and "But, like, Iggy."

But if the photo and lyrics teased by Britney yesterday are anything to go by, at least it might be fun...?

The duo were on set shooting for "Pretty Girls" which is due for a May release. The track, which was originally written by Little Mix, has been bandied back and forth between the two artists for a while, as Iggy spilled in an interview with MTV.

"I rewrote parts of it and it became my song, and I tried to make it all mine," explained Iggy. "I wanted to keep it. Then she said, 'No, no, I am going to take it, my album is ready'."

"And so I swung it back her way because she's Britney Spears, you have to do that. She gets whatever she wants."

 Yikes, sure sounds like a dream team. Guess the final result will speak for itself when "Pretty Girls" is released, but we're not holding our breath.

Check out Iggy's full interview below.

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