Here's How To Remove An Album From Your Spotify

5 December 2017, 14:59 | Updated: 5 December 2017, 17:29

Spotify. Picture: Logo

By James Wilson-Taylor

Wanna delete an album or artist? Here's how you do it.

You know what it's like - you suddenly realise you ain't a fan of an artist or a song anymore but can't seem to get it out of your streaming circulation altogether. Don't worry, we gotchu.

Here is how you instantly remove an artist from your Spotify:

1) Open Spotify and select 'Album View'.

2) Open an album you want to get rid of.

3) Scroll up until you see the cover.

4) Press the 'saved' button so that it now says 'save'. This will deselect the album and remove it from your library.

Spotify, Removing Album
Spotify, Removing Album. Picture: Spotify

See? It really is simple.

And of you are one of those Apple Music types, it is even easier!

1) Open an album you want to delete.

2) Hit the red button next to the artwork (the one with three white dots in it).

3) Hit 'Delete From Library'.

There ya go - may you never be bothered by music you don't want ever again.