Here's How To Use Spotify's 'Wrapped' Feature And See Your Most Played Music Of The Year

6 December 2017, 18:38

Spotify Wrapped 2017
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Finding out what top genre you got on Spotify's 2017 wrapped feels like finding out what Hogwarts house ur in but for music nerds"

If there's one thing to know about Spotify, it's that they're fond of stats. Spotify just couldn't just let you enjoy your favourite music all year without telling you every possible detail about your listening habits.

To do that, Spotify gave users the chance to dissect their most listened to tracks, genres, and artists in 2017 with a feature called Wrapped.

Spotify your 2017
Picture: Spotify

You can access 'Your 2017 Wrapped' by going to

Go to the site, log in to Spotify when prompted, and get ready to feed your inner music nerd. Everything from the number of minutes you spent listening to music on Spotify to the amount of genres you explored is available to see. And it's a LOT of data.

As you make your way through the feature, you even get asked questions about your own own tastes. Can remember "your song" and your absolute favourite artist of the year?

Spotify wrapped 2017
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People are sharing their '2017 Wrapped' results and we can relate.

Some people listened to A TON of music this year. Like, we're talking over 100,000 minutes of music.

Other people's Wrapped results showed they had a year in music completely dominated by their FAVES.

Weirdly enough, looking at the Wrapped statistics felt like you were finding out something about your music cred.

And, of course, some people couldn't resist having a little fun "sharing" their totally legit year in the review.

But it's not just the pay off of seeing all your music stats in one place.

You also get to listen to a playlist of your faves because nothing beats a whole playlist curated

2017 Wrapped
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You can FINALLY give that skip button a well deserved rest.