Celebrities And YouTubers React After US Vote Against Net Neutrality

15 December 2017, 11:54

Computer. Picture: Andrew Brookes, Getty

By James Wilson-Taylor

The FCC have voted to soften restrictions imposed on providers which could see an end to the internet as we know it.

After weeks of online protests, the FCC yesterday (December 14th) voted to soften net neutrality laws in the US, much to the dismay of many.

As we previously reported, changes in the law will allow internet providers to alter price plans and effectively charge you more to use certain website like Netflix or Facebook, alter speed levels and block any political opinions they may disagree with.

High profile figures from the world of entertainment and YouTube have been urging followers for weeks to call their local representatives and urge them to vote against the measures. Although the vote has now been passed, it still has to make it through the court system which has overturned the decision twice previously.

Here are just a few of the many reactions to yesterday's vote posted online: