10 underrated mental health podcasts you've probably never heard of

31 October 2018, 23:58 | Updated: 29 November 2018, 12:12

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Looking for honest, open, and sometimes emotional podcasts that highlight people's mental health journeys? Here are some of the best podcasts about mental health that you can check out right now.

Open and honest conversations about mental health are often missing from television and the mainstream, but there are a lot of brave and honest podcasters talking about their own mental health and sharing the stories of those who have struggled.

We've gathered a list of some of our favourite mental health podcasts but it's worth remembering that listening to an advice podcast is not a substitute for speaking with a mental health professional.

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1) The Hilarious World of Depression

John Moe presents The Hilarious World of Depression, an interesting, amusing, and often gut wrenching podcast featuring the unique stories of comedians who have have lived through depression. The storytelling element of individuals recounting some of the most raw moments in their lives is compelling and often inspiring.

Type of podcast: Interview/non-fiction storytelling

The hilarious world of depression podcast
The hilarious world of depression podcast. Picture: The Hilarious World of Depression

2) Deal With It Podcast

Guests on the Deal With It podcast regularly discuss topics relating to grief, anxiety, trauma and more. The podcast itself doesn't feel heavy and the two hosts Andy Erikson and Joleen Lunzer are witty, open, and highly relatable. The honest way mental health is discussed on the show will 100% inspire you to be more open to vocalising your day-to-day experiences and mental health goals.

Type of podcast: Conversation/interview

Deal with it podcast
Deal with it podcast. Picture: Deal with it podcast

3) Bodies

The Bodies podcast isn't strictly a mental health podcast, per se, but anyone living with chronic illness or experiencing unexplained bodily pain can tell you the toll it takes on both your physical AND emotional well-being. Episodes like "Anxious Mess" and "Bleeding" really open the listener up to what it is like to live with an unexplained condition and how much strength it takes to advocate for yourself.

Type of podcast: Non-fiction storytelling

Bodies podcast
Bodies podcast. Picture: Bodies podcast

4) Sleep With Me

The Sleep With Me podcast just wants to put you to sleep. If you've ever had a particularly difficult time getting to bed (maybe you're feeling anxious or having racing thoughts at night), the Sleep With Me podcast will try and bore you to sleep.

The host tells these really slow, meandering and truly difficult to follow stories in a dull voice that will hopefully transport you to the land of nod.

Type of podcast: Storytelling

Sleep with me podcast
Sleep with me podcast. Picture: Sleep with me podcast

5) Is This Adulting?

The Is This Adulting? podcasts handles serious topics around mental health in a straightforward but often humorous and relatable way.

Type of podcast: Comedy

Is this adulting podcast
Is this adulting podcast. Picture: Is this adulting podcast

6) Meditation minis

The Meditation minis podcast features guided meditations and visualisations designed to help address specific issues that pop up in your mental health journey. Whether its overthinking, anger release, or confidence and self esteem, this podcast is for anyone trying to get into guided meditations and mindfulness.

Type of podcast: Guided meditations

Meditation minis
Meditation minis. Picture: Meditation minis

7) Terrible, thanks for asking

The Terrible, thanks for asking podcast addresses grief, depression, and anxiety in a really raw and familiar way for anyone dealing with these issues in their life. The show weaves in other voices and experiences from listeners and takes a realistic look at what it's like to not be doing all that well.

Type of podcast: Non-fiction storytelling

Terrible thanks for asking podcast
Picture: Terrible thanks for asking

8) The Struggle Bus

Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin host the Struggle Bus podcast, a weekly advice show complete with listener letters, conversations about self-care, and open conversations regarding mental health between friends.

Type of podcast: Advice

The struggle bus podcast
The struggle bus podcast. Picture: The struggle bus podcast

9) The One You Feed

In the words of the show's hosts, Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes, The One You Feed is about "how other people keep themselves moving in the right direction. How they feed their good wolf." Guests on the show share their knowledge and expertise as well as their experiences of pushing through mental health set backs.

Type of podcast: Self-help interview

The one you feed podcast
The one you feed podcast. Picture: The one you feed podcast

10) Anxiety diaries

Anxiety Diaries' host, Scott, calls the show "a weekly podcast about mental health, incredible people, and so much more." Scott often shares details about his own struggles with mental health issues (anxiety) as well as the different ways he handles living with anxiety in the real world.

Type of podcast: Advice

Anxiety Diaries podcast
Anxiety Diaries podcast. Picture: Anxiety diaries podcast