10 sex and relationship podcasts to check out if you're feeling adventurous

30 November 2018, 18:55 | Updated: 30 November 2018, 18:58

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Podcasts about sex, relationships, and intimacy told by hosts and guests from all backgrounds. Looking for podcasts that represent some of the most interesting, nuanced, and open-minded conversations about sex and relationships? These podcasts discuss LGBTQ relationships, sex positions, polyamory, breakups and more.

The best sex and relationship podcasts are rarely afraid to tackle the big topics. These shows have hosts who are sex experts, in dynamic relationship situations, or who just love talking about the nuances of human sexuality. Some of the best relationship podcasts like "Where Should We Begin" are fascinating examinations of what makes a healthy partnership.

Many of these sex and relationship podcast hosts identify as queer and polyamorous and some of them are professionals who have dedicated their lives to talking to couples and individuals about how to cultivate a healthy sex life.

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If you're looking for podcasts about sex as well some of the best relationship podcasts, look no further. Here are a few you should check out right now.

1) Food 4 Thot

Food 4 Thot is a conversation between friends on relationships, sex, identity and "everything at the intersection of queerness and brownness". You probably will not be able to listen to this with kids close by, but you will definitely laugh along with Dennis, Fran, Joseph, and Tommy, who are always funny and endlessly insightful.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Conversation podcast

Food 4 Thot podcast
Picture: Food 4 Thot Podcast

2) Where Should We Begin?

Where Should We Begin is an absolutely fascinating look at how relationships can evolve over time and how many factors can impact the level of intimacy we share with our partners.

Esther Perel's podcast features real anonymous couples in real relationship counselling who share their own issues, many of which are common for people in long-term partnerships.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Advice-ish

Where should we begin podcast
Picture: Audible Podcasts/Where Should We Begin

3) Dear Sugars

The Dear Sugars archive is a wealth of compassionate and nuanced conversations that aren't solely focused on sex, but also the relationships people have with their parents, siblings, and, oftentimes, themselves. The letters they receive are usually compelling, intense, and even heartbreaking, at times.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Advice

4) Modern Love

WBUR's Modern Love recruits some of the most recognisable voices in the world to read "stories of love, loss, and redemption". Celebrities like Kristen Bell, Busy Phillips, Sandra Oh, and Olivia Munn have read beautifully written essays (other people's, not their own!) that really do capture the essence of modern romance, sex, and heartbreak.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Storytelling

Modern Love Podcast
Picture: WBUR/Modern Love

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5) Turn Me On

The Turn Me On podcast features a polyamorous couple, Bryde and Jeremie, who discuss topics like butt play, threesomes, and opening up their relationship to having sex and relationships with people outside of their marriage. The pair are candid and incredibly likeable. Even if you can't relate to their experiences with polyamory, Turn Me On is really the definition of fearless and open conversations about sexuality.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Conversation

Turn Me On Podcast
Picture: Turn Me On podcast

6) Sexplanations

The Sexplanations podcast comes courtesy of Dr. Doe whose knowledge and approach to conversations about sex and relationships will have you endlessly fascinated.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Educational

Sexplanations podcast
Picture: Sexplanations podcast

7) Nancy

Nancy describes itself as a podcast that shares "stories and conversations about the queer experience today." Hosts Tobin Low and Kathy Tu are members of the LGBTQ community who bring to life insightful and fascinating stories about identify, relationships (romantic and familial), and more.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Storytelling

Nancy Podcast
Picture: WNYC studios/Nancy

8) Reality Bytes

Reality Bytes is a show about "sex love, relationships and dating in the digital age". Hosts of the show speak candidly about their own sexual experiences and also touch on topics like identity, homophobia, racism, and polyamory.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Conversation

Reality Bytes podcast
Picture: Reality Bytes podcast

9) Sex With Emily

Dr. Emily Morse of Sex With Emily is knowledgable, candid, and regularly brings on other experts to speak on subjects like sex positions, oral, foreplay, threesomes and more . You definitely can't listen to this with your kids around but you will walk away feeling like you learned so much.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Advice

10) Sex With Strangers

Chris, the host of Sex With Strangers, chats with people all around the world about how they have sex. He has spoken with people who are sex workers, individuals with very specific kinks, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities on the different dynamics at play when they get intimate.

Type of sex and relationship podcast: Real stories

Sex with podcasts podcast
Picture: Sex With Stranger podcast