Little Mix reveal all about Strip, LM5 and leaving Syco | The Power of Little Mix Podcast

1 November 2021, 11:32 | Updated: 18 November 2021, 12:41

The Power Of Little Mix Podcast

By Sam Prance

Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards open up about Strip, LM5 and so much more.

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The fourth episode of The Power of Little Mix is out now, a podcast created to celebrate a decade of making girl group history.

In 'The Label Switch', Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards open up about how they found their voices with their LM5 era. They discuss the inspiration behind their powerful ‘Strip’ video, the difficulties of switching labels at the start of an album campaign and why staying silent about issues they care about is not an option for them.

We also find out about the creation of ‘Wasabi’ and what being a parent to a popstar is actually like, when host Sam Prance (that's me again) chats to the one and only MNEK and the legends themselves, Little Mix’s mums. From creating LM5 to leaving Syco, this is how Little Mix took full control of their career.

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Check out a sneak peek of the episode below and make sure to download and subscribe on Global Player to listen in full.

Little Mix reveal all about Strip, LM5 and leaving Syco | The Power of Little Mix Podcast
Little Mix reveal all about Strip, LM5 and leaving Syco | The Power of Little Mix Podcast. Picture: PopBuzz / Syco

Sam Prance: Going into 2018, it's when the LM5 era started and LM5 is sort of when you really came into your own as songwriters in terms of addressing, like direct issues you wanted to talk about. How has that changed in terms of, I guess not just writing a hit, even though before you'd always written empowering songs, what was different about the writing experience for LM5?

Jade Thirlwall: I think it was quite pivotal for us as songwriters. But also really sort of finding our voices during that time. We'd always written about female empowerment and loving yourself and that stuff, but I feel like the LM5 era was the moment when we were really sort of coming into our own and really growing up and weren't scared anymore to say how we really felt, whether that was at work or in relationships or things we were passionate about. The LM5 writing process really did feel like almost like a new coming of age I suppose? Of just owning who we were and being unapologetic about it and I think you can really tell that through the music.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Yes.

Sam Prance: And what are your favourite songs from LM5? I know, Jade, it’s obviously, ‘Wasabi’.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Haha!

Sam Prance: Is it the same for all of you though?

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Well, I'm gonna say 'Notice' because I feel like, I always love a song on an album that just doesn't quite get the love it deserves. And I feel like 'Notice' was definitely one of them.

Sam Prance: Yeah!

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: It was sexy, the vocals were beautiful, the arrangement! Yeah, loved it.

Jade Thirlwall: That's a good one.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: 'Motivate'.

Perrie Edwards: 'Motivate' is good.

Sam Prance: Perrie, I remember you leaking part of 'Forget You Not' before it came out.

Jade Thirlwall: Yeah, 'Forget You Not'.

Perrie Edwards: 'Forget You Not', yeah!

Sam Prance: And that should have been a single as well as 'Wasabi'!

Perrie Edwards: I love 'Forget You Not'. 'Monster In Me'. I absolutely love that song as well.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: Oh yeah, you two love that one!

Jade Thirlwall: Yeah!

Perrie Edwards: I love that one. But yeah, 'Forget You Not' is such a bop and it's such a shame it never got the credit it deserves, you know.

The Power of Little Mix is available to stream exclusively on Global Player now.

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