QUIZ: This Is The Most Impossible Quiz Of 2018

19 December 2018, 15:51

The most impossible quiz of 2018
The most impossible quiz of 2018. Picture: Republic, The CW, Marvel Studios

By Katie Louise Smith

This is quite literally the hardest bunch of decisions you'll ever have to make.

We can all agree that 2018 was trash. Sure, there were some "good" moments, but over all... a truly horrible year. BUT LET'S NOT FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVE RIGHT NOW, OK?

The music was great, the movies were great, the TV was mind-blowing and the memes... Oh, the memes. But now it is time to select the best and worst moments of 2018 in our super amazing Impossible Quiz. All you've gotta do is choose your winners from the categories below... no pressure. No pressure at all. Will your opinions be the same as everyone else or will you be that ONE person who has to be different?

Alright, let's do this. Good luck - and don't fuck it up!