10 Ways Grimes Nailed Your Tumblr Obsession

26 November 2015, 17:59 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

The singer/producer is our Tumblr queen.

There is no end to the talents of Grimes.

Claire Boucher (to use her real name) is not only a very talented singer, songwriter, producer and video director, but she's also what I like to call 'Tumblr Gold'. Her blog is literally amazing. You just know you'll never be disappointed if you need some new music or Sailor Moon GIFs to fill your time. 

We've been obsessed we've her latest album Art Angels since it came out a few weeks ago. "Kill vs. Maim" is our favourite song so far but they're all bangers tbh.

We decided to pull together 10 of her Tumblr posts which prove she's everyone's inner Tumblr kid. How many posts like these have you posted of your blog? We've done at least 7. 

1) She's had the Adult Cat Finder embedded on her homepage for a billion years and it's still LOLz.


2) She's obsessed with Lana Del Rey. But like, really obsessed. She must have posted every Lana video going. She was even lucky enough to open for Lana on tour last year. So jels.


3) These GIFs that coincided with the release of her new album were pretty cool, too.


4) She isn't afraid to share her opinions and she speaks the TRUTH. She's a real-life hero.


5) And posts like this.


6) Our thoughts exactly.


7) She understands that "American Oxygen" is an amazing song and it did not get the credit that it truly deserves.


8) Legend of Zelda GIFs? Check.


9) Silly selfies and strong looks are positively encouraged.


10) 90s girl band fashion appreciation post? Umm, yes please.


So yeah, we're pretty much in love with her. Check out the video for "REALiTi" below and make sure you follow her on Tumblr, if you don't already.