18 Names For The New Vine That Are Better Than 'V2'

7 December 2017, 13:42

V2. Picture: Dom Hoffman, Twitter

By James Wilson-Taylor

With a new version of the popular six-second video app on the way, is it time for a slightly snazzier title to go with it?

As you may already be aware, Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann recently revealed that he is working on a follow-up to the much missed six-second video site that was tragically shut down last year.

Well, things are looking increasingly official, as yesterday (December 7th), Hofmann tweeted a promo image for the upcoming Vine sequel which appears to be titled 'V2'.

Exciting stuff right?

Just one quick thing though Dom - could we have a little rethink about the name? 'V2' just feels a bit dry tbh.

Don't worry, we've had a wee think and have compiled some suggestions for you, just in case you change your mind:

18 Names For The New Vine That Are Better Than 'V2'

1) ReVine

2) 2Vine2Furious

3) Sign Of The Vines

4) Vine Of The Times

5) 2Vine2Furious

6) Vine: Tokyo Drift

7) Gone In 6 Seconds

8) Jump In The Vine, Rock Your Body In Time (Okay, I Believe You)

9) American AirVines

10) DeViners, Make It Work!

11) Vineyard

12) I Heard It Through The Great-Vine

13) GoldVine

14) HotVine Bling

15) On Vine, On Your Mobile And On Digital Radio - This Is Radio X (Get Into The Music)

16) Walking On SunVine

17) Dessert Vine

18) Rodgers & HammerVine

Got your own name idea? Feel free to throw them in the Facebook comeents and we'll pass them on to big Dom next time we see him.