Apple's New Invention Could Stop You From Using Your iPhone Camera At Concerts

30 June 2016, 10:56 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The future is now and there are no pics allowed.

We've heard a lot of news stories lately about pop stars objecting to people recording video at their concerts. The hot thing to do now is call out a fan who is recording video, while other fans record you calling them out. It's all very meta.

Adele called out a fan on her most recent tour, as did Selena Gomez on her own Revival tour. While it seems like only a slight nuisance for popstars and other fans, it's beginning to look like barring people from taking video at concerts is about to become more than just a topic of conversation. Thanks to Apple, it's about to become a really real reality. 

Daily dot

Apple has filed and received a patent for new technology that would disable your iPhone's photo and video capabilities during concerts or any conceivable event where video capturing is prohibited. 

The patent application lays down how this would work saying: "the infrared data comprises a disable command to render a function of an electronic device temporarily inoperable." The rest of the document is a lot of complex tech jargon. But the essence is that, using infrared technology that is transmitted from the stage, your phone and its camera may be rendered, "temporarily inoperable". 

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They even drew a neat little diagram of how it would work:

Apple diagrams

I'm not entirely sure what this diagram means but that band looks cool. A solid indie trio wearing practical outfits.

Now, while this could actually be a bummer, there is no reason to believe this technology will be implemented just yet. The patent was filed in 2011 and it's only just been approved. It could be a further five years until this technology is being used widely. So, you know what that means. Get all your concert videos and pics in while you still can. You've still got time.