5 Essential Apps All BFFs NEED To Save Themselves From Eternal Damnation

27 January 2016, 16:27 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

BFF Apps Asset

By Victoria Pavlova

BFF Apps

A BFF relationship is a special one. Knowing everything about someone else and still wanting to be their friend is a rare thing that needs to be celebrated. Since we usually celebrate by going on our phones for extended periods of time, here are some apps that'll help your squad run like a well-oiled machine.

Hotel My Phone

Hotel My PhoneImage courtesy of hotelmyphone.com

For all those times when you've ran out of battery or accidentally left your phone at home? You know who you are. 

This app means you never have to worry about that again, provided you have your friend around at all times. Your BFF's phone is pretty much your own anyway., so this app just bridges the gap. Hotel My Phone allows you to use your bestie's phone as your own, sending texts from your number, logging you into your social media profiles, etc.


Image courtesy of wired.com

Path is kind of like Snapchat but for everything. It lets you share photos, music, videos and whatever else your tiny heart desires, with a number of your closest friends. We recommend you only use it with your closest friends though or be very, very careful what you share. It won't disappear after ten seconds... or ever.


SplitwiseImage courtesy of Splitwise.com

Not gonna lie, this app might spell the end of your friendship. It's really handy tho, promise. If you constantly find yourselves sharing shopping bills and exchanging the same $5 into infinity, Splitwise will help you keep track of who actually covered what and let you know who owes whom. In about a decade, you can remind them of that fiver they never paid you back and claim their first born. #justgirlythings

Draw Something


Draw Something is likely responsible for all my missed deadlines in uni because it's just. so. addictive. It sets you a one-word drawing assignment, which your game partner must then guess from your drawing. Best to play with your BFF, who not only knows your twisted mind, but won't turn you in for a psych evaluation.

Heads Up

Image, courtesy of igeeksblog.com

This video pretty much explains it all. Heads up is like vaguely inappropriate charades, where the app pitches you a phrase to explain to your friends, while trying not to look like an utter mess. Or just be you, ya know.