The Internet Just Turned Bella Hadid Into A Savage Meme Over This Awkward AF Video

9 October 2017, 14:50

Bella Hadid Sneaker Shopping Asset
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"But if he comes through in like, theeeEEEse, YOU GOT SOME AIR MAXES OUT HERE, got some JooRDAAANS, homeboy is gonna like..."

Bella Hadid has been turned into the latest savage 2017 meme after her appearance in Complex's latest Sneaker Shopping segment and it is, quite possibly, a top contender for meme of the year.

In the video, Bella explains how the sneakers a guy is wearing can either make it or break it for her and now the internet is absolutely ROASTING her for it thanks to her unintentional yet ridiculously excessive use of the words "homeboy", "fresh" and "dope" within a 45 second time frame.

If you've never heard Bella actually talk before, then strap in because this video is about to take you on the journey of your LIFE. 



Needless to say... the memes were out of control.

Bella actually sounds like she's auditioning for a role in 23 Jump Street.


I actually feel asleep chanting "dope" last night.


No but how many times does she actually wanna say it?


Arrest her.


Has she ever spoken to another human in her life before?


Dank memes? Keep them. Dope memes? Come ALL THE WAY through.


He's not like other homeboys.




Say 'Air Max' in the mirror three times and you will GET IT.


Oh sweet dope one, it's been ever so quiet out here in Beverly Hills. Please return in haste.


She's created a monster.


*gazes off into the distance*


Forget the Jordans, forget the Air Max. Show me your interest in a government we can all believe in.




Oh Bella, what have you done?